Desperate? - Democrats Sue RNC Over Trump's "Rigged Election" Comments Alleging "Minority Voter Intimidation"

In a move that wreaks of desperation, and certainly beneath a campaign that is apparently coasting toward a 12-point blowout victory in just over a week, the DNC has sued the RNC over efforts to "ensure ballot integrity" alleging "intimidation of minority voters."  Since when did working with "secretaries of states all over the country to ensure ballot integrity" become a crime?  And, why exactly are democrats so fearful of any measure that attempts to ensure the integrity of our federal elections?  Is it because such efforts to "ensure ballot integrity" might just prevent the massive voter fraud that we all know exists?  Just a guess.  Per Politico:

In a motion filed in New Jersey federal court on Wednesday, the Democratic National Committee charges that the RNC has violated the consent decree “by supporting and enabling the efforts of the Republican candidate for President, Donald J. Trump, as well as his campaign and advisors, to intimidate and discourage minority voters from voting in the 2016 Presidential Election.”


The alleged coordination, the DNC says, is a violation of a 1982 consent decree in which the RNC agreed to curb its vote watching tactics — the result of a suit Democrats filed against the RNC for allegedly intimidating minority voters at the polls during New Jersey’s 1981 gubernatorial election.


Genova quotes Trump running mate Mike Pence as saying at a town hall that the campaign and RNC “are working very very closely with state governments and secretaries of states all over the country to ensure ballot integrity,” and quoted a reporter recounting a conversation with Trump’s campaign manager in which she said said the campaign is “actively working with the national committee, the official party, and campaign lawyers to monitor precincts around the country.”


“Although certain RNC officials have attempted to distance themselves from some of the Trump campaign’s more recent statements, there is now ample evidence that Trump has enjoyed the direct and tacit support of the RNC in its ‘ballot security’ endeavors, including the RNC’s collaboration on efforts to prevent this supposed ‘rigging’ and ‘voter fraud,’” the motion reads.

The RNC denied any wrongdoing in issuing a statement saying that they "strictly abide by the consent decree."

"The RNC strictly abides by the consent decree and does not take part directly or indirectly in any efforts to prevent or remedy vote fraud.  Nor do we coordinate with the Trump campaign or any other campaign or party organization in any efforts they may make in this area," a RNC spokesperson said in an emailed statement. "The RNC remains focused on getting out the vote."

While Trump pointed out "software glitches" in Texas voting machines that resulted in votes being inaccurately recorded and causing Chambers County to enact "emergency paper ballots."


Perhaps our friends at the DNC need to be reminded of what "actual" voter intimidation looks like.  Here is a perfect example of Black Panther members "monitoring" polling stations in Philadelphia.   Ironically, in 2012, Romney's performance in Philadelphia drew a huge amount of suspicion when he received exactly 0 votes in 59 voting divisions within the city.  In fact, the vote count within those 59 divisions was an astonishing 19,605 to 0.  While no one would argue that many Philadelphia neighborhoods tend to skew democratic, it certainly seems incredibly unlikely that, out of nearly 20,000 voters, not a single person preferred Mitt Romney.


Or, perhaps this is a better example of dirty politics which we're sure Donna Brazile is looking into as we speak.


Of course, while ridiculous, this move by the DNC should not surprise anyone...when caught, democrats always revert back to their standard defense...deny vehemently and then shout racism and sexism to every mainstream media outlet available.