Project Veritas Video Reveals Who Was Really Behind "Mitt Romney's 47% Video"

Back in the 2012 election, Mitt Romney's campaign was effectively sunk when a video emerged from a private fundraiser in which he said that 47% of the electorate was "dependent upon government" handouts and would vote democrat no matter what.  The corrupt mainstream media had a field day with the video replaying it on a continuous loop for weeks. 

Shortly thereafter, the "mystery man" behind the video was revealed by MSNBC as a bartender at the event named Scott Prouty.  But, thanks to the latest Project Veritas video, we now know the bartender was just a coverup for another planned attack coordinated by Robert Creamer and Scott Foval.

So is this what Michelle meant when she said, "when they go low, we go high?"

Foval:  "And then I don't know if you remember, well from, they are the ones who negotiated to get that lawyer in Florida who recorded the 47% video."


Journalist:  "Wait, I thought was a bartender."


Foval"It was actually a lawyer at the event.  It was not a bartender.  No, the lawyer took his phone and had the bartender walk around with it and set it up.  It was a whole coordinated operation to get the phone in because they had taken away all the cell phones from all the staff and so what they did was they set it up in the room.


Of course, this brings up new, and very serious issues, regarding the links between Obama and Creamer who, as we previously pointed out, seemed to have a fairly cozy relationship with the president having visited the White House over 300 times since 2009 and met with Obama directly over 45 times.