10 Images That Perfectly Illustrate The Struggle Against The Dakota Access Pipeline

Submitted by Nick Bernabe via TheAntiMedia.org,

The struggle to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline has been mired in police brutality and militarization. In fact, many have likened the atmosphere in Standing Rock, North Dakota, to a war zone.

The corporate media initially refused to cover the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, though the ongoing story’s virality on social media eventually forced it into the mainstream. Even now that the #NoDAPL movement has developed into a national political narrative, the media continues to whitewash the severity of the crackdown against the Native American protesters, who call themselves “water protectors.”

Below are 10 images I have come across (while closely following the Dakota Access Pipeline protests for Anti-Media) that narrate the struggle at Standing Rock:

@NYCRevClub - 85 years old elder wheeled travelled miles just to support and stand against pipeline.


@People4Bernie - A young Native American girl has a message for President Obama


This initial crackdown at the Standing Rock camp shortly after the activation of the North Dakota National Guard.


Battle lines are drawn.


@_Native_Life - A tribal elder conducts a water ceremony in front of the police line.


Jake Thompson - Do they really need to have snipers aiming at UNARMED people?

A woman is violently arrested by militarized law enforcement
As frustration mounts, two National Guards trucks are set on fire.