Billionaire: “Single Digit Millionaires” Are Too Poor to Get Justice In America

Billionaire Peter Thiel said yesterday:

If you’re a single-digit millionaire … you have no effective access to our legal system.

Thiel is saying even plain vanilla millionaires can’t afford justice in America.

Fordham Law School professor and criminal justice expert John Pfaff notes that – using 2007 numbers – many states’ entire budgets for legal defense for people who can’t afford a lawyer is in the single-digit millions.

(Given that the Great Recession happened shortly afterward, those numbers have undoubtedly declined since 2007.)

In other words, under Thiel’s logic, even if an entire states’ annual budget for legal defense were spent on a single person, it wouldn’t be enough to deliver justice.

Indeed, there are two systems of justice in Americaone for the fatcats … and one for everyone else.

After all, Americans have less access to justice than Botswanans, and are more abused by police than Kazakhstanis.

And the government protects criminal wrongdoing by prosecuting whistleblowers. The Obama administration has sentenced whistleblowers to dozens of times the jail time of all other presidents COMBINED). And the government has framed whistleblowers with false evidence.

And yet the government goes to great lengths to protect the elites against charges of criminal wrongdoing.