Podesta Part 26: Wikileaks Releases Another 1,135 Emails, Total Is Now 43,104

With just over 5 days until the election, and with Trump and Hillary finding themselves in a dead heat according to the latest ABC/WaPo poll thanks to a rebound for the Republican candidate that is very much courtesy of the ongoing Wikileaks release of highly damaging Podesta emails, Julian Assange's organization refuses to stop.

And so, in the final stretch of the presidential race which has just a few days left, Wikileaks continues its ongoing broadside attack against the Clinton campaign with the relentless Podesta dump, by unveiling another 1,135 emails in the latest, Part 26 of its Podesta release, bringing the total emails released so far to exactly 43,104.

The release comes one day after a surprising FBI release of its 2001 heavily redacted records of its probe into the Bill Clinton pardon of Marc Rich, which has spooked the democrat establishment and raised new allegations of FBI partiality.

As usual we are parsing through the latest release and will bring readers the more notable emails.

* * *

In an April 29, 2015 email from Neera Tander to Jake Sullivan and John Podesta, Neera Tander has some notable comments on the minimum wage, which she appears to advocate keeping low when she explains that "that is why you want to keep the minimum wage so low. Everyday Americans care about their community. Part-time Americans, not so much."

* * *

A February 2015 email from Nick Merrill to Robby Mook and other Campaign staffers, the Clinton aide discusses the process of allowing Hillary to "speak for herself":

Robby to your point about letting her speak for herself, I¹ve been reminding people that they should be careful to acknowledge that this is part of a process. She laid out challenges that we face in the midterms, and now she¹s thinking through how we would address them should she run. Will reinforce that when I circle back with these guys today.

* * *

An email from May 11, 2015 from Philippe Reines discusses Lanny Davis, who featured prominently in yesterday's email in which John Podesta told Cheryl Mills that "not to sound like Lanny, but we are going to have to dump all those emails."

In the email, Reines says that "Hrc is anxious to move forward -- with the commitment that I will keep him > focused and in line. Do you guys need to run any more traps on your end or can I reach out to enlist him?"

To which Huma Abedin responds: "She just called me about this. She wants lanny."

In response, Clinton communications director tells John POdesta "Think we are stuck with Lanny for the brothers" and Podesta responds: "In the land of he blind, the one-eyed man is king"

* * *