More Collusion With Donna Brazile Revealed As Hillary Campaign Sought Advice On Prepared Debate Answers

Donna Brazile has drawn a lot of heat in recent weeks after WikiLeaks posted her now infamous email in which she revealed that "from time to time" she received debate questions in advance that she was seemingly happy to share with the Hillary campaign. Although there don't appear to be any new leaked debate questions in today's WikiLeaks dump, there is this response from Hillary's Director of Media Planning, Betsaida Alcantara, who seemingly shared Hillary's canned "Death Penalty" response with Donna for help on how to craft the answer.

Of course it only seems reasonable for the campaign to seek Donna's input given that she noted when she originally leaked the debate question that the "death penalty" question was one that "worries me about HRC."

With that, here is Clinton's canned "death penalty" debate answer:

Here's death penalty:




*YOU have said recently that YOU support the death penalty. Can YOU clarify YOUR position?*


-  For the federal government, no, I don’t think we should abolish the death penalty entirely. But I do think it should be reserved as an option for the most serious crimes, or for acts of terrorism, like the Boston Marathon bomber. Remember, I was the Senator from New York on September 11. And I was First Lady when the Oklahoma City bomber killed 168 people, including 19 children. I met their parents. I saw what was done. Because of acts of terror like these, I think about the federal death penalty differently.


-  But we know the death penalty has too often been applied in a discriminatory way at the state level. African-Americans are far more likely than whites to face the death penalty than whites. States have almost certainly executed inmates who were innocent of the crimes for which they’d been put on death row. And it’s profoundly wrong for states to ‘experiment’ with different cocktails of lethal injection drugs because of shortages. Our Constitution is supposed to protect against cruel and unusual punishment. And the Supreme Court recently even stayed an execution because of this issue.


-  So I think states need to look carefully at whether they should continue the policy. At how it’s been applied, and whether there are discriminatory effects—particularly for African-Americans. And to do more to allow inmates to pursue claims of actual innocence. There is nothing more unjust and unacceptable than imposing the death penalty on someone who is innocent of the crime. And I want to incentivize every state to put in place procedures for inmates to petition for post-conviction DNA testing.


Donna Brazile


* * *

And here is our previous coverage of Brazile's response, or lack thereof, on her blatant misconduct.

Donna Brazile was noticeably uncomfortable for every second of the following 10-minute interview with Megyn Kelly of Fox News.  Kelly pushed hard on the recent Project Veritas undercover videos showing DNC operatives plotting to incite violence at Trump rallies and commit massive voter fraud and over Brazile's leaked email showing that she provided a CNN debate question to Hillary ahead of a March 2016 debate with Bernie.  Brazile tried every trick in the book to deflect and pivot but Kelly held her feet to the fire.

Brazile's response on the Project Veritas videos were mostly nonsensical though she did summon the typical democrat argument that O'Keefe is a criminal and has a history of doctoring videos.  But the real fireworks came when she was pressed on her leaked email revealing that she shared a debate question with Hillary in advance of a debate.

I did not receive any questions from CNN, let’s just be very clear.”


"First of all what information are you providing to me that will let me see what you are talking about?”


As a Christian woman I understand persecution, but I will not sit here and be persecuted because your information is totally false.


“Podesta’s emails were stolen. You’re like the thief that wants to bring into the night what you found in the gutter.


I am not going to try to validate falsified information. I have my documents, I have my files.”


Because Donna seems to be afflicted with the same disease that haunted Hillary during her tenure as Secretary of State, an awful condition the causes the host to "not recall" significant life events, below is a refresher of the email in question.

Donna Brazile


And here is a similar interview by Jordan Chariton of The Young Turks:


Yeah, but Russia.