Apple Offers Anti-Trump App Allowing Voters To Trade Votes

At a time rife with speculation that the presidential vote on Tuesday may be rigged or tampered, we find it troubling - not to mention illegal - that Tim Cook has allowed the Apple store to distribute an app called #NeverTrump created by Trimian, whose mission statement is "Red or Blue, we must all unite to defeat Trump this election. Let's ensure Hillary wins in swing states, and make sure third-party votes count."

The app allows potential voters to trade votes, boosting Hillary's support in swing or battleground states, while 3rd party candidates get more (meaningless) support in blue states.

Vote Trading, also known as vote swapping or vote pairing, is the practice of voting for or against another person's bill, position on a more general issue, or favored candidate in exchange for the other person's vote for or against a position, proposal, or candidate that one supports.

As the App explains:

We match Hillary voters in blue states with third-party voters in swing states to help them trade votes. Hillary gets more swing votes and third-party candidates get their votes counted.

  • Find vote trading matches and get comfortable, before agreeing to the trade
  • Optionally connect with Facebook or LinkedIn to increase confidence in the trade.
  • Group Chat across members helps coordinate, evangelize and match
  • Help others channel their frusration positively. Spread the word and help save America

Below are screenshots from the app:

This app is offered for free to use "for any Democrat, Republican, Independent, Libertarian, Green Party or anyone against Donald Trump for this 2016 US Presidential Election. Whether you are for Hillary Clinton, Gary Johnson or Jill Stein, let's agree on one thing: Never Trump."

Below is an image of the iTunes page for this app which is in clear violation of countless legal and ethical regulations, somehow snuck by both the Apple iTunes team, as well as the Federal Election Commission.