It’s Not the Election Sideshow, the Real Disaster is the Banking System

This following post appeared 11/2/2016 at Trader Scott's Market Blog:

Of course it's understandable why the election is such a big focus. But the election will come and go - and the massive problems which the world is facing aren't going to improve, no matter whom we elect in America. All of our problems on this planet are tied to debt, intertwined with derivatives. The world is now literally incapable of generating net growth, it's just too late. We've had many chances to turn things around over the past few decades, but the globalists wanted nothing to do with the tough policies/ideas/efforts which could have improved conditions for the masses. Policies like massive across the board tax cuts (simpler, flatter tax rates), massive across the board cuts in government (outright closing/eliminating government departments), and downsizing of the "Department of War", would have helped right the ship. Other policies should have included allowing true capitalism to work as intended - meaning allowing failure and its' cleansing power to occur. And in that vein, we come to the point of this post - the crooked/dishonest/disgusting relationship between hedge funds, oops I mean, Central Banks, and also Governments and the International behemoth Banks, which has been a major reason for the destruction of (and the inability to repair) the world economy.

So now whoever is the next President can only make things less worse (at best). And yes, of course, the election's aftermath is going to be a total mess. But that is small in relation to the disaster sitting on the International Bank's "balance sheets", in the form of their derivatives books. The amount at this point is basically unfathomable and it keeps growing larger. And it's the European bank's problems which are sitting right in front of us. I do believe there has been a concerted effort to continue the propping up process until after the US election. And that time is almost here, and I am beginning to focus much more on the banking situation. As I've been continually stating, in November of 2016, gold is very likely to have its' best buying opportunity since the $1043 low last December - when I recommended purchase, especially the miners. And this upcoming low should be a retest of last December's low, but at a much higher level. It would be no coincidence if the strong hands/"manipulators" wanted gold lower later in November to be able to accumulate gold right before some banking blowups. Very possible. No matter the reason, gold is in a major bull market and bigger selloffs are "gifts". We need to take advantage of them.

The point of this blog is to give a "heads up", so that we can anticipate market opportunities well in advance. And it's time to refocus on the banks. Most in the financial media are focused on Deutsche Bank, as Angela Merkel claims they won't get "bailed out". The markets will force her to change her mind. DB will get "bailed out". It's some of the lesser well known banks which are the scariest. Switzerland's Credit Suisse is one of them. The constituency to get them "bailed out" is not nearly as powerful. They are going to be a big problem. Or it could be Italy's UniCreditwhose demise could infect the bigger banks who hold the humongous derivatives exposure. The election and other matters have put the massive problems at the banks on the back burner. And it has certainly helped to have the rally in the banking shares since the September lows. But forgetting about them would be a mistake. They are about to become headline news again, regardless of the election outcome.