Major Quake Strikes Cushing, Oklahoma - Near US' Largest Oil Storage Facility

Shortly after 1945 local time, a strong 5.0 magnitude earthquake struck some 50 mile northeast of Oklahmoa City. The nearby town of Cushing, home of America's largest oil storage facility, experienced structural damage and lost power.

This was Oklahoma's 5th largest quake..

No injuries have been reported.


As Bloomberg reports, the quake struck 2km west of Cushing, Oklahoma, according to USGS.

Cushing is location of largest oil storage site in U.S. where benchmark WTI crude futures are delivered.

Quake at depth of 5km.

Cushing fire officials haven’t yet received any calls for damage at the oil tank yard, and no injuries have been reported, News9 Oklahoma’s Justin Dougherty says in posting on Twitter.

Oklahoma registered 5.6 magnitude earthquake in September, tying state record set in 2011; number of earthquakes measuring 3.0 or higher reached 890 last year.

FOX23 reports that Payne County Emergency Management officials confirm power was cut off to Cushing following the earthquake, and The Cimarron Tower Apartments in Cushing were evacuated.


For now there i sno reaction in WTI Crude...

As a reminder, several energy producers, and also the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, are facing lawsuits because of seismic activity allegedly linked to oilfield wastewater disposal in Oklahoma and other states