"Got It" - Hillary Agreed With Podesta Not To Distribute Confidential Intelligence By Private Email Account

As reported previously, when discussing Hillary Clinton's email in which revealed US intel and strategy regarding the middle east, and disclosed that Qatar and Saudi Arabia were funding the Islamic State, John Podesta said he was willing to discuss sensitive information with his future boss Hillary Clinton while he worked for President Obama and she was a private citizen in August 2014, but he knew better than to send the intel over Clinton’s private server from his Gmail account, emails released Thursday by WikiLeaks show.

In the exchange which Hillary Clinton previewed by stating"sources include Western intelligence, US intelligence and sources in the region", and who had resigned as secretary of state 18 months earlier, asked then-Obama counselor Podesta if he knew who was responsible for an Aug. 18 airstrike in Tripoli, in which unidentified bombers blew up an Islamist-controlled arms depot in the Libyan capital.  “Yes and interesting but not for this channel,” Podesta replied in the Aug. 19, 2014 message to Clinton’s hrod17@clintonemail.com account.

As fox previously observed, the conversation suggests that Podesta, now Clinton’s campaign chairman, was willing to provide Clinton information that had not been made public. Reports from The New York Times and The Associated Press at the time included denials of involvement from the U.S., France, Italy and Egypt and debunked claims of responsibility from a rogue Libyan general. Podesta, in his email response, indicated he had his own sources. But he also apparently recognized he shouldn’t share the information over their personal accounts. It's unclear if he was concerned more about the security on her clintonemail.com account or his Gmail account -- which would be hacked months later, in turn exposing the email chain Thursday.

Podesta’s concern could show that at least one close Clinton ally was aware of the risk of sharing sensitive or classified information over the unsecured server.

And today, thanks to the latest - and perhaps last - Wiki release, we know that Hillary agreed with Podesta when in the last email in that thread she replied simply, "got it." It is unclear if this was the first time Hillary Clinton realized that sending potential confidential intelligence by private email is frowned upon.