One Frustrated Millennial Explains "How I Went From Voting For Obama In '08 To Trump In '16"

Authored by Brian, 27, Freehold, NJ; via,

I truly believe this election is not about Republicans versus Democrats. This is an election for change, for someone who wants to reduce taxes and the power of government, versus someone who wants to strengthen its strangle hold of debt on the American people.

A true career Washington insider versus the ultimate unscripted, unpolished outsider. Someone who has enriched themselves with a career in business versus a politician who is now worth over 250 million and runs a foundation who took foreign donations from countries that violate human rights for favors while acting as Secretary of state.

I am not a journalist.

I am an ordinary US citizen concerned with the direction of our country. I come from a hard-working middle class family, people who believe the American dream is possible.

I was born in Staten Island, NY, but grew up in a small town with my father and sister in New Jersey. Being a single parent, my father struggled but always put his children first.

They say it takes a village to raise a child and it did. In addition to my father, family and friends played a huge role in instilling the values I hold true today. Hard work, honesty and always looking out for others have molded me into the man I am today.

In 2008 I was a sophomore at Towson University. I had no health insurance because my father had lost his job.

I was swept away by Obama’s promises of health insurance, breaks for college students, and capitalizing on the mishaps leading to the Iraq war. His ability to speak and bring about such enthusiasm lead to me casting my absentee ballot for him.

I can remember arguing with my family about voting for him. “Who is going to pay for all of this they would ask?” Obama stated that leaving $9 trillion in debt to our children and grandchildren is unpatriotic and I agreed with him.

Eight years and $9 trillion-plus in debt later, I realize that I was fooled by yet another politician looking for my vote. Now I am married and have a 6-month-old at home and although my values of honesty hard work and integrity have not changed, my political views are very different.

I have seen out of touch Washington elitists and special interests send this country on a path to debt and ruins. I work at a job in sales where I work hard every day to earn my keep.

I have seen the lies that have been told to our citizens and feel like the Washington elitists are so far out of touch with the American people. This is the reason that on November 8, 2016, I will cast my vote for the republican nominee Donald J. Trump.

The state of our economy is in absolute shambles. As a recent college graduate who graduated with student loans the economy is a huge driver of my vote. Cost of living is at all-time highs while wages have barely grown over the past 20 years.

Many people quote the unemployment rate as a pillar that Obama’s economy has worked. I invite all of those people to look into what the number entails. Many jobs added are hardworking Americans who now have to work two and three jobs to support a family because their higher paying job has been shipped overseas or lost as a whole.

In that number anyone who has “stopped looking for work” is excluded as unemployed. Our labor participation rate is at 62.9%. If labor participation rate was the same as when Obama entered office our unemployment rate would be a staggering 10 percent.

Our monthly change in manufacturing has been down the past three months (-15k last month). Manufacturing hasn’t produced more than 40k in jobs in one single month over the past five years.

We cannot continue to survive as a service economy. Our GDP is growing at a stagnant 1.2%. We have to bring back manufacturing and level the playing field on trade.

Trump will do that. Trump’s tax plan on lowering taxes on all Americans is one that should stand in the forefront for any voter.

Hillary Clinton has attacked Trump hard on reducing taxes on the rich, stating that’s all his tax plan does. She is correct that he will lower taxes on the wealthy, but he is passing on a tax cut for all Americans.

Most significantly, middle and lower income earners. Those who make under $50k as a married couple or under $25k as a single filer will pay ZERO in federal taxes. If lower income individuals want a jumpstart to their wallets, this should be a no brainer.

Trump's tax plan as a whole will put the power and money back into the hands of US citizens. He wants to enact child/eldercare policies that would provide tax breaks to families who are trying to raise a child but struggle to because of the state of our economy.

Regulations have killed our energy sector and main street. He wants to reduce regulations on energy companies so America can become energy independent. I believe small business is the heart of the American economy and their footprint has been reduced significantly.

Red tape and regulations make starting a business virtually impossible because most Americans can’t be out of work for the time it takes to comply with all of these rules.

If policy isn’t enough for you and you are more of a character voter, I believe Trump is your clear choice.

Hillary Clinton ignored 600-plus emails from Ambassador Chris Stevens requesting more security in Benghazi. Than after the attack blamed it on a YouTube video in an attempt to cover up a terrorist attack on Americans around the 2012 election.

Her illegal use of private server jeopardized the security of our nation. After receiving a congressional subpoena her and her cronies deleted 33,000 E-mails to cover up their missteps and corruption. We have now found out a high-ranking member of the FBI Andrew McCabe investigating the Clinton E-mail scandal was persuaded by a large donation of $675k-plus to his wife from a super PAC ran by Terry McAuliffe (a close friend of Clinton).

Andrew McCabe was later promoted to Deputy Director.

An article by Politico also stated that more than half of meetings Clinton had while acting as secretary of state were given to those donating to the Clinton Foundation.

Hillary Clinton is a candidate surrounded by corruption at the highest levels and personal enrichment at the expense of US policy. Her insult-driven campaign against Donald Trump is proof that her policies do not resonate with the American people.

Her only way is to discredit Trump by using the mainstream media to have his flaws overshadow his policy. In many cases, Trump has played right into her hands, extending scandals and insults for weeks by using rallies to defend himself instead of speaking about this issues that matter.

Such as his “Drain the swap” message of congressional term limits and installing laws that will keep big money and big business where they should be: Out of Government.

Donald Trump is not the perfect candidate by any means. His “locker room” comments behind closed doors about women are offensive and have turned many completely away.

I understand that after that Friday when the video came out many people completely shut the door on voting for him for which I can partially understand.

In my belief the video pales in comparison to the actions of Bill and Hillary Clinton while in the Whitehouse.

I truly believe Donald Trump loves our country and wants to clean out corruption and reset the path that we are on. He will stand for what the government should be involved in. Keeping us safe and ensuring we have the opportunity to prosper.

I have not outlined all of each candidate’s policies, so in the Words of Hillary Clinton, “check out the websites.”

I encourage all Americans to look into policy and not just focus on the “Kardashian-esque” scandal-driven campaign that the mainstream media has pushed. Regardless of candidate get out and vote so your voice may be heard.