Wikileaks Releases Part 33 Of Podesta Emails: Another 3,200 Emails Brings Total To 55,694

In what may be the final release of Podesta emails, moments ago Wikileaks dumped another 3,213 emails in its 33rd release of Podesta Emails, bringing the total number of emails released to 55,694 less than a day before the presidential election.

As we first reported on Sunday, the latest, 32nd batch, included messages accusing Chelsea Clinton of using Clinton Foundation funds for her wedding as well as accusations Chelsea Clinton's husband was abusing the Foundation to help him raise funds for his hedge fund.

As usual we are parsing through the latest release and will bring readers the more notable emails.

* * *

An email from November 2014 from Hillary Clinton to John podesta, lays out Hillary’s advice to Obama:

Mr. P, Given the results from Tuesday, I thought your press conference presentation--words, tone, body language, teasing w reporters and occasional flashes of your smile-- was right on target. What is not apparent to me is whether it was like the proverbial duck--smoothly sailing on the surface while paddling like crazy below as you assess and strategize the way forward. I'm always available to you to discuss any and all matters if I can be helpful to you.


On china, I know you'll be in Beijng next week, so am sending a news report about how Xi's official party on its visit to Tanzania loaded up their planes w poached ivory, likely w full knowledge of Kikwete's government.


Please raise this issue directly w XI, both because it is critical on the merits but also because it's another way you can gain some leverage with the Chinese. I'm happy to discuss this with the White House team.

* * *

An August 19, 2014 email from Hillary to John Podesta confirms she "got it" when he tells her "not to use this channel [email]" to discuss sensitive, confidential information.

* * *

A November 3, 2011 email from Cheryl Mills to Doug Band and John Podesta, reveals a meeting scheduled to figure out how to position the foundations illegalities.

* * *

A February 15, 2015 email from Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook, reveals the requirement needed to be a political director in the Clinton campaign: "hispanic woman"