Trump Campaign Does Not Rule Out Special Prosecutor For Hillary Clinton - "All In Good Time"

In an appearance on MSNBC, Trump's campaign manager Kellyanne Conway was pressed by Joe Scarborough on whether Trump would follow-up on his threats to appoint a special prosecutor to review Hillary's private email server investigation.  While Conway didn't confirm that a special prosecutor is forthcoming she was also very careful not to rule it out.

“He had a very gracious, very warm conversation with Secretary Clinton,” Conway said of the concession conversation. “It lasted about a minute.”


The panel wanted to know more about how Trump plans to proceed with Clinton, however. During the debates, Trump said that Clinton should be jailed, and his crowds regularly chant “lock her up” at his rallies. When asked if Trump intends to appoint a special prosecutor for Clinton, Conway wasn’t sure.


“We did not discuss that last night since his victory and he didn’t address it with Mrs. Clinton on the phone,” she said.


Joe Scarborough remarked that Trump said that he would on the national debate stage. But Conway deflected.


“I would need to discuss that with him,” she explained. “I think you heard his own words last night to the extent that one man can as president and Vice President [Mike] Pence, who is phenomenal, they’re looking to unify the country. We haven’t discussed that in recent days. I think that it’s all in good time. We also — I think that Donald Trump proved too that even amidst a corrupt and rigged system where people are forgotten and don’t feel like they can get a fair shot, they can rise up on Election Day and express their voice.”


And, of course, here is Trump's opinion on the situation:


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