Bezos Congratulates Trump One Year After Offering To Send Him In Space; Amazon Tumbles

How quickly things change, especially when one's nemesis goes from the butt of all political jokes (just as the HuffPo), to the 45th American president.

The animosity between Jeff Bezos, owner of the Washington Post, and Donald Trump is no secret.  As the Seattle Times wrote overnight in a timely article asking "how Amazon will fare" under president Trump, "Donald Trump seems to have no love for’s CEO Jeff Bezos, who also owns the Washington Post, a newspaper that aggressively investigated the candidate during a no-holds barred campaign."

Trump also once said that Amazon, which dominates e-commerce, has a “huge antitrust problem,” given that the company “is controlling so much of what they’re doing.

Last December, the feud between the two billionaires spilled over on Twitter, where after being targeted by Trump, Bezos famously offered to send Trump in space.

Perhaps in retrospect, realizing that tens of billions of his paper wealth could be wiped out with a stroke of Trump's pen, Bezos decided to address the simmering issue. As a reminder, Bezos built an empire based, in part, on Internet sales of goodies that stem from the overseas factories that Trump has said have stolen American jobs.

Jon a reminder, when it comes to Amazin, free trade fills the company’s sails, as it builds a planetary network of warehouses, transportation and profitable data centers that are turning it into a truly global store. At the end of 2015, more than a third of Amazon’s physical footprint was in countries other than the U.S., and about 32 percent of its retail sales were made overseas. Trump has railed against the trade deals that facilitate some of that commerce, saying they’re not advantageous enough to the U.S. Investors started to sniff danger, sending Amazon shares lower yesterday even as the wider stock market soared to all time highs. 

And while analysts speculate that Trump would not go so far as to take his personal vendetta as far as crushing Amazon, Bezos decided to take no chances and moments ago, Bezos tweeted "Congratulations to @realDonaldTrump. I for one give him my most open mind and wish him great success in his service to the country."

We await to see if the new mellower, calmer, president-elect Trump will be willing to make amends, and unburn Amazonian bridges. At least as of this moment, the market has its doubts as AMZN stock has promptly tumbled after the tweet, reading weakness in Bezos' words.