Hillary Clinton Tells Donors It's Comey's Fault She Lost

It's not even Monday, but the morning - or rather afternoon - quarterbacking has begun in earnest, and in a call with her top campaign funders (which likely means mostly Goldman Sachs, George Soros, Saudi Arabia and the occasional hedge fund) Hillary Clinton blamed FBI's Comey for her defeat, in doing so she perpetuated the democrats' tireless blaming of everyone else but themselves for their historic collapse in the election.

Translation: sorry, no refunds. Yet whoever's fault it was that everyone, from the media, to Wall Street, to the so-called "experts" failed to predict Trump's victory, it will hardly placate Hillary's countless donors who were certainly hoping for some quo to result from their quid, and which may explain why - aside from one famous hike - Clinton has kept a low profile since her defeat after delivering her concession speech on Wednesday morning.

On the phone call with supporters on Saturday, Clinton said her campaign and the national party had raised $900 million from more than 3 million individual donors, according to the two participants who spoke to Reuters.

Clinton said Comey was at fault for her loss after he decided to send a letter to Congress only days before the election announcing that he was reinstating an investigation into whether she mishandled classified information when she used a private email server while secretary of state from 2009 to 2012. Comey announced a week later that he had reviewed emails and continued to believe she should not be prosecuted, but the political damage was already done.

Clinton told donors that Trump was able to seize on both of Comey's announcements and use them to attack her, according to two participants on the call. According to Reuters, while the second letter cleared her of wrongdoing, Clinton said that reinforced to Trump's supporters that the system was rigged in her favor and motivated them to mobilize on Election Day.

Sure enough, always someone else's fault. But while she is blaming others, perhaps she should also blame Anthony Weiner, whose latest documented sexual perversion is the only reason why the FBI found HIllary's emails on his computer. And while at it, maybe also blame Huma (who has not had a good week) for sticking with Weiner, whose actions may well have been the cause for Hillary's downfall, a downfall which as we showed yesterday, was correctly predicted in September 2013 by none other than Donald Trump.

As for Hillary's scapegoating, the fact that instead of finally taking the blame for a flawed campaign, she continues to cast blame elsewhere is confirmation that aside from the loud rhetoric and fingerpointing that will fade in a few weeks, nothing will change with America's broken political system .