Donna Brazile Slams CNN, Blames Former Employer For "Ripping Me A New One"

It has been a tough few weeks for interim DNC chair Donna Brazile: after resigning from CNN earlier this year after WikiLeaks published hacked emails that showed Brazile tipping off Clinton’s campaign in advance to at least two questions that Hillary Clinton would be asked at upcoming town hall events, yesterday hundreds of Bernie Sanders DNC delegates launched a campaign demanding her resignation.

As we reported, executive director of Progressive Democrats of America, Donna Smith, said that "the DNC chair must reflect the base of the Democratic Party and the mission for which this party long stood. Clearly, when the party leadership failed to conduct itself impartially during the primary season and then failed to defeat the Republican candidate who is the most dangerous demagogue ever elected to the presidency, it is time for Donna Brazile's resignation.”  Smith added that “the DNC must either change or it will die. And that change starts with Ms. Brazile's prompt resignation.

Refusing to put party first and allowing for a smooth transition, the delegates' message fell on deaf ears, and instead of contemplating how to pivot away from her failed political career into something more productive, Brazile went after her former employer CNN at an event at a women’s college in Virginia Monday, blaming them for “ripping me a new one” instead of allowing her to defend herself after it appeared she tipped off Hillary Clinton’s campaign to town hall questions.

“CNN never gave me a question,” Brazile said at a talk held at Hollins University, according to The Roanoke Times. “I wish CNN had given me some other things, like the ability to defend myself rather than ripping me a new one.”

Brazile did not deny the allegations that she had emailed two questions in advance, but she said she “never got on Clinton’s campaign airplane or prepped the candidate for any of the debates,” according to the Roanoke Times. She also derided WikiLeaks, which leaked the damning emails, by repeatedly calling the organization WikiLies. Brazile's lack of empathy toward the organization that exposed her questionable practices and cost her the CNN job, is understandable.

When the network cut ties with Brazile permanently, it said the company was “completely uncomfortable” with the revelations and asserted that it had not provided questions to Brazile in advance.

As reported previously, according to the hacked Wikileaks emails, Brazile forwarded at least two questions to Clinton. One was centered on the Flint water crisis, with a woman suffering from lead poisoning asking the candidates what they would do to help the situation. Another one revolved around the death penalty.