Student Protest Script Exposed - '*Blank* Rights Are Human Rights!'

Cabot Philips of revealed a protest "chant script" today being distributed to our precious snowflakes around the country, and the chants are just as hilarious as they are disturbingly naive.

This is perhaps our favorite chant because it is just so inclusive and representative of our caring millennials.

"*Blank* rights are human rights!"

The following chants show that our snowflakes are not big fans of cops or borders.  Perhaps we could suggest a couple of third-world countries where their wishes could be fulfilled...we're sure they'll just love the places we have picked out.

"Cops and borders, we don't need 'em.  What we want is total freedom."


"No borders / no nation / stop the deportations."

Finally, the following chant is somewhat perplexing due to its inherent contradiction.  While our pampered students seem to want "money for jobs" they are vehemently against "massive corporations"...maybe this one is just going over our heads but who do they think will supply their jobs? 

"Money for jobs and education. / Not for mass incarceration. / Not for massive corporations."

Without further adieu, here is the full list of chants in all it's glory: