Trump Blasts Notion That Transition Is A "Knife Fight"; Lashes Out At "Fools" At New York Times

Suspicions were heightened yesterday that the Trump transition process was in disarray after an unidentified source told certain media outlets that the competition for various cabinet positions in a Trump administration were very fierce and akin to a "knife fight."  Those two words, combined with the recent firing of Chris Christie from his position as head of the transition, were sufficient fodder for the New York Times, and other mainstream media outlets, to craft their attacks that the Trump transition effort "was in disarray" and "marked by firings and infighting."

President-elect Donald J. Trump’s transition was in disarray on Tuesday, marked by firings, infighting and revelations that American allies were blindly dialing in to Trump Tower to try to reach the soon-to-be-leader of the free world.


One week after Mr. Trump scored an upset victory that took him by surprise, his team was improvising the most basic traditions of assuming power. That included working without official State Department briefing materials in his first conversations with foreign leaders.

Of course, Trump was quick to respond to the allegations of chaos within his transition team via twitter:


The NYT went on to openly mock the President-elect for "haphazard" initial phone conversations with foreign leaders that, according to the Times, didn't follow typical protocols.  To the extent the New York Times still hasn't figured this out, which clearly they haven't, we would just remind them once more that pretty much nothing about Trump's campaign followed traditional "protocols" and that is exactly why he was elected.

Prominent American allies were in the meantime scrambling to figure out how and when to contact Mr. Trump. At times, they have been patched through to him in his luxury office tower with little warning, according to a Western diplomat who spoke on the condition of anonymity to detail private conversations.


President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi of Egypt was the first to reach Mr. Trump for such a call last Wednesday, followed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel not long afterward. But that was about 24 hours before Prime Minister Theresa May of Britain got through — a striking break from diplomatic practice given the close alliance between the United States and Britain.


Looking for any reason whatsoever to trash the President-elect, Politico also decided to point out that Trump didn't invite the press with him to have dinner at a Manhattan steakhouse.  

Trump also broke with presidential protocol Tuesday night when he left behind the pool of reporters covering him to go have dinner at a Manhattan steakhouse. His campaign press secretary Hope Hicks said she was not aware that the president-elect had left Trump Tower and that she would not do anything to “leave the press in the dark” even though the Manhattan billionaire has evaded pool coverage in the past and did not allow reporters to travel on his plane with him during the campaign, something past candidates have done.

Oddly, we don't remember Politico being outraged when Hillary deserted her press pool after her "medical episode" on 9/11. 

Given the pure hatred of Trump within the mainstream media, we suspect it will be a fun four year.  Even though they still haven't figured this out, their blatant bias only serves to bolster Trump's popularity among the people in the Midwest so we suspect the Trump team welcomes their coverage.