A Tale Of Two Americas: Trump Vs. Clinton

It is no surprise that Democrats derive most their support from the large metropolitan areas of the United States while Republicans appeal more to people living in the rural areas.  That said, the following two maps, created by the New York Times, provides a stunning look at the divide.

According to the NYT's, while Hillary won the popular vote on November 8th, Trump was supported by residents occupying 85% of the land area of the country.

Trump's America


Meanwhile, Hillary derived her support from the large coastal cities of the Northeast and West coast which comprise the other 15% of the country's land area.

Hillary's America


While Harry Reid and a litany of disaffected media pundits and celebrities have lashed out at the electoral college over the past week, the images above illustrate perfectly why it is so fundamental to our democracy.  The entire purpose of the electoral college was to prevent massive centralized population centers (e.g. New York City, Los Angeles & San Francisco) from imposing their will upon the rest of the country and it seems to have worked just as intended in the 2016 election.