Ex-Goldman Sachs YouTube Sensation Scores A UK Hedge Fund Gig

After scoring internships at Goldman, Morgan Stanley and BAML over the course of her undergraduate university career, Jess Greenberg became a YouTube sensation this summer after exposing her many other "talents" to a rapidly growing online fan club.  After posting over 60 guitar solos to her YouTube Channel that garnered millions of views, many had assumed Greenberg was done with the world of high finance.

Alas, as efinancialcareers points out, Greenberg hasn't given up on her finance career after all as she recently joined the London-based hedge fund, Winton Capital Management.  As the job search portal notes, Greenberg is "amply equipped" for a job in finance after earning a degree in statistics, economics and finance from University College London with stellar grades.

While Winton Capital has historically preferred to hire "data scientists with PhDs including extragalactic astrophysicists, computer scientists and climatologists,” they must have recognized some "unique talent" in Greenberg that made her a good fit straight out of her undergraduate career.

Certainly, Greenberg will be missed by her YouTube followers after recreating a variety of classic pieces from Hendrix...




...and, of course, Zeppelin.


While we would certainly never try to dissuade someone from pursuing their dreams, we would just point out that we're fairly bearish on the future prospects of the finance industry...just throwing that out there.