Hillary Lawyer Calls On NC GOP Governor To Stop Recount Despite Tighter Race Than WI, MI & PA

Well this is awkward.  Just two days after confirming that he would participate in Jill Stein's recounts in WI, MI and PA, Hillary campaign attorney, Marc Elias, is now publicly calling on North Carolina Republican Gubernatorial candidate, Pat McCrory, to halt his recount efforts and concede his race.


Ironically, Elias cites an insurmountable 9,133 vote margin as the basis for his plea even though that is a tighter margin than the 22,871 vote gap between Trump and Hillary in WI...



...11,612 vote gap in MI...



...and the 66,236 gap in PA.



Are all politicians afflicted with the same disease that allows them to be so blatantly hypocritical?  Did he simply think that no one would notice?  These aren't rhetorical questions, Marc, we would really like to better understand your process for rationalizing these sorts of things in your head.

Pot Kettle


Of course, we assume this unique ability to rationalize all sides of seemingly contradictory viewpoints is exactly the personality trait that George Soros was looking for when he went shopping for a lawyer to whom he could give $5mm to fight voter ID laws.

The lawyer, Marc Elias, who specializes in voter-protection issues, was in contact with Mr. Soros in January 2014 when Mr. Elias was exploring a series of federal lawsuits before that year’s midterm election and in advance of the 2016 campaign, according to Mr. Soros’s political adviser, Michael Vachon. (Mr. Elias declined to comment on Friday about the funding of the lawsuits.)


The goal is to try to influence voting rules in states where Republican governors and Republican-led legislatures have enacted election laws since 2010, and to be ready to intervene if additional measures are passed over the next 17 months.


Mr. Soros described himself as “proud” to be part of the legal battles. “We hope to see these unfair laws, which often disproportionately affect the most vulnerable in our society, repealed,” he said.


Two suits that Mr. Soros is supporting were filed in Ohio and in Wisconsin last month. He is also helping to pay for a case that Mr. Elias and several other groups filed last year in North Carolina.


Democrats say the new laws disproportionately affect the poor, minorities and young people. A Government Accountability Office study last October found that states with more stringent voter identification laws had a larger decline in voter turnout than states that did not have such new restrictions.

After all, one has to be somewhat delusional to assert that showing ID to vote somehow disenfranchises low-income and minority voters while simultaneously refusing to acknowledge that voter fraud, which is tacitly tolerated in the absence of voter ID laws, somehow doesn't result in the same disenfranchisement.