CNN Anchor Suggests Women Should Wear a Symbol of Oppression to Show Solidarity With Islam

The distorted minds of the illiberal left do not know boundaries. Their drug addled, satanic, lifestyles of decadence and hedonism have reduced them to feckless shells, idiots who advance via extortion, blackmail and other sorts of wanton corruption.


Here is a very rich and a very liberal woman -- who enjoys the many superfluities of western lifestyle -- blessed to be born in a nation that practices and promotes tolerance. But it's her deep seated hatred for Americana that leads her down the deep and very dark cavernous hole that bends her liberalism to accept oppression. 


Plainly, the hijab isn't a symbol of Islam, but a beacon of oppression of an entire gender. By promoting it and telling others to wear it in solidarity with women who are being oppressed is like saying we should all wear chains and carry around bushels of cotton, back in the days of slavery, instead of fighting to end it.


As I've outlined over the past few months, this is a trend by western governments to break the people's will -- heavily promoting this as something that is trendy. These people are fucking cucks.

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