Trump, Romney Spotted Having Dinner Inside Trump Hotel Amid Cabinet Speculation

With Donald Trump set to make his official announcement of Steven Mnuchin's appointment to the Treasury Secretary post tomorrow at 6:30am, in the process placing yet another former Goldman banker in one of the most important US government positions, a move which has already led to accusations of selling out by members of his core support base, is Trump preparing to serve up another major cabinet surprise?

As was reported earlier by ABC, Donald Trump and Mitt Romney would be having dinner this evening amid ongoing "cabinet speculation" that Romney is one of the leading contenders for the Secretary of State position.

While we don't know what the two have said to each other, and it is still unknown if Trump has or will offer Romney - a person many define as the embodiment of the "swamp" - the top US diplomat position, we do know where the two met - the Jean George restaurant located at the Trump International Hotel & Tower New York next to both CNN and Central Park - and we also have an almost intimate dinner-side coverage of how the dinner between the two, who were joined by RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, progressed courtesy of the omnipresent Twitter.

And this is why the media has a nervous breakdown any time Trump forgets to inform it that he is leaving for dinner.