When The First Small Piece Of Shit Finally Sticks...

We previously detailed the looming reality crisis facing Mario Draghi over his actions (or inactions) about potentially devastating losses at Italy's largest bank, and now we have another update as more questions are being asked.

Via GolemXIV,

So could it really be that after years of stonewalling, Draghi, the ECB and the cabal of central bankers and regulators, are finally being dragged blinking in to the light?

Funny how so often the biggest most powerful criminals, the untouchables, are brought down by the smallest of their crimes. The one they thought so beneath them they never bothered to think about it.

Like Al Capone indicted for tax evasion.

Here is Irish MEP Luke Flanagan asking Mario Draghi directly, and in Parliament, the question that could be the smoking gun.

Flanagan  :

“In 2007 you were governor of Banca d’Italia…Unicredti the biggest bank on your watch: Can you please confirm whether you were informed by the Central Bank of Ireland of the multi-billion Euro breaches at UniCredit Dublin?  


If so, can you explain why the bank has never been sanctioned for those breaches of 2007.”

You can see the exchange as it happened here.

Could this be the small piece of shit that sticks to the expensive suit?

If so, then Mr Draghi, the Irish regulator and the various politician and bankers involved will NOT welcome that the whole sordid tale as told by the whistleblower who would not be shut up,  is now published as a book.

Nor that now one question has been asked, others are going to be asked today.

If just one whistleblower succeeds in getting their question asked, their story told, instead of being gaoled and silenced, then the others will be able to hope for justice too. For every insolvent, bailed out bank there is a whistleblower too threatened and bullied to dare to speak out.