Michigan Recount Devolves Into Chaos As Multiple Federal Lawsuits Filed

Yesterday we noted that the recount process in Michigan had seemingly devolved into chaos after multiple state and federal lawsuits had been filed by several parties.  In addition to the efforts of Stein and Trump to argue their case before the Election Commission, the Michigan Attorney General also filed a lawsuit alleging that "If allowed to proceed, the statewide hand recount could cost Michigan taxpayers millions of dollars and would put Michigan voters at risk of being disenfranchised in the electoral college."

Now, after Trump was unsuccessful at getting the recount overturned with the Michigan Board of State Canvassers, both he and Stein have filed competing lawsuits in federal courts.  According to The Hill, Trump is suing the Director of Elections Christopher Thomas and Michigan's Board of State Canvassers alleging that "without immediate action by this court, Trump will continue to suffer irreparable injury.”


Meanwhile, back in Wisconsin the Great America PAC, the Stop Hillary PAC, and a Wisconsin voter all filed federal lawsuits there arguing that the recount efforts violate the due process rights of Trump voters.

And, of course, Stein used all the lawsuits as a way to appeal to disaffected Hillary supporters for just a little more cash.


The lawsuits also set off another Jill Stein tweet storm in which, among other things, she fired back at critics who claimed her efforts are nothing more than a publicity stunt. 


If not a publicity stunt, Jill, could you please provide a rational, defensible reason for your actions?  The first day of Wisconsin recounts changed the results by precisely 1 vote, so clearly the mass "voter fraud" you've alleged, without a shred of evidence, does not exist. 

Moreover, at this point, Clinton, Obama and even your own party have criticized your efforts.  If you're simply "working for the people," doesn't threatening to disenfranchise the voters of MI, WI and PA by blocking their participation in the electoral college vote have a negative impact on those very same "people".