Gold And Silver Paper Has Been Rigged for 20 years - Podcast

Rigged Markets are the Norm

by Soren K of MarketSlant-The only reason we are even starting to get to the bottom of the LME Silver and Gold scandals is because the game in those markets is over. The carpet baggers have moved on to more fertile fields like China and India. Listen as a 25 year professional with experience on both sides of the fence gives a 1000 foot overview how investors are squeezed from above, via government policies, and from below through trading execution.

Vince Lanci reacts to LME Silver and Gold Fix scandals. He describes how all markets are rigged both top-down and bottom-up against the public. Vince is a 25 year Energy and Metals trader. He is expert in Trade Forensics and Market Structure analysis, and has contributed to Zerohedge and MarketSlant several times on metals manipulation mechanics.