Larry Nichols Headline: They Will Steal the Vote On December 19th.

Trader Scott's Market Blog:

Larry Nichols headline: They will steal the vote on December 19th.

Senator/Secretary Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton and the rest of her elitist comrades will never concede the election defeat - never. They were way too close and she was their checkmate. All of their plans were foisted upon her propped up corpse. If Trump is lucky, the attacks on him will continue for four more years. Why would he be lucky? Because it's unsure if he will ever even be allowed to live in the White House. He'll be lucky if he's still President-elect past January 6th. I voted for Donald, actually my vote was against Senator/Secretary Diane Clinton. The elitists are lazy, arrogant cowards, but they're not stupid. They aren't going to just take their ball and trudge back home. I'm sure they have Plan A, B, C, etc. But right now, obviously, Plan A is to "Dump Trump" and to prop up Diane's bobble head corpse in the White House. One of the elitist's greatest talents is somehow having people commit suicide by getting the victim to put three bullets in the back of their own heads. But their other great talents include lying, cheating, stealing, getting dumbasses to riot and monotonously chant weird slogans, and - rigging. They love rigging, it's a real kick. They love to rig polls, markets, economic "statistics", and elections in every country on this Planet. But as they always do, the cowards got lazy and arrogant, and they "let" Donald Trump win the election. Well gee, that wasn't in their blueprint. And their main focus now is to rig the electoral college. So the December 19th vote is crucial to them. And they are pissed, and in full battle mode. All of their "hopes and dreams" depend on Crooked Hillary being installed as the Queen. We all know the elitists' fake news by now about Russian intervention in the election. It's their story and they're sticking to it. They just need some made up BS, anything, to use to peel off electoral votes. And this December 19th vote will be very uncertain. And Plan B will be stealing the election via the January 6th Congressional count of the electoral votes. One member of the House and one member of the Senate objecting in writing would be the first step. Either way, Donald needs a reliable food taster. Maybe that's the mystery behind why Donald brought Reince aboard. But in the big picture what all of this points to, is the beginning of the second American Civil War.