Majority Of Americans Don't Think "Russian Hacking" Influenced Election, New Poll Finds

As the mainstream media, democratic electors to the electoral college and the White House continue to assert, ever more forcefully by the day, that Russia "hacked" the 2016 election (Keith Olbermann literally almost had a heart attack on air), a new Fox News Poll reveals that Americans just aren't buying it.  Asked whether "Russia's attempts to influence the presidential election" helped Trump, Hillary or had no effect, 59% of American said it had no impact on the way they voted.  That said, we assume this poll is wrong as it completely contradicts the media narrative and those guys are never wrong, right?



Looks like it's back to the drawing board...

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Of course, one simply has to look at the voting data to confirm that "Russian hacking" had no real impact on the election.  If mass "Russian hacking" turned the entire country against Hillary then how was she able to hold onto key swing states like Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico and Virginia?  Does anyone else find it curious that the only people apparently susceptible to "Russian hacking" were those living in the "rust belt" of WI, MI, OH, PA?  Is there any chance that might have something to do with Trump's aggressive stance against NAFTA and outsourcing of American manufacturing jobs to Mexico?

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Meanwhile, compared to earlier this year, fewer people now believe that Trump will build a border wall along the southern border with Mexico.



But 68% believe he will "repeal and replace" Obamacare.



With democrats and the mainstream media growing more agitated by the day, the real question is whether the shouting by the sore losers will end after the Electoral College votes on December 19th or grow louder.


The full results of the Fox News Poll can be viewed here: