Obama Vows to Exact Revenge Against Russia for Unsubstantiated Russian Hacking Claims

Those who deny the assertions put forth by the Washington Post, citing unnamed and nefarious CIA sources, regarding Russian intervention in the US elections, are being labeled as traitors. Conservatives view all of the Russian hysteria business as the final stage of grief being played out in public, by a completely broken and mentally addled globalist movement left in shambles. The media is attempting to up the rhetoric by moving past the discovery phase of the investigation, without ever having to actually prove that Russia meddled with the elections, in order to attempt to implicate the GOP and of course Donald Trump. Nevermind the fact that Julian Assange plainly stated today that Wikileaks did not receive the data from any state source, and certainly not Russia.

Democrats are only capable of believing what they want to believe, which is that Russia helped Trump win. How else could they grasp the reality that America turned on them and their degradative policies that seek to annihilate the middle class?

In an NPR interview today, President Obama promised revenge against Putin for his meddling. Note that this is extremely uncouth and unseemly -- especially since he is a lame duck President. To start a conflagration before the next President takes office is nothing less than a slap in the face to Trump.

source: CNN

"I think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections that we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing," Obama told National Public Radio. Describing potential countermeasures by the US, the President said "some of it may be explicit and publicized; some of it may not be."
  He said he directly confronted Russian President Vladimir Putin about a potential US response, and said his counterpart acknowledged his stance. "Mr. Putin is well aware of my feelings about this, because I spoke to him directly about it," Obama said. Obama and Putin conferred on the sidelines of the G20 meeting in China in September.
Afterwards, Obama told reporters he raised cybersecurity with the Russian leader.
Intelligence agencies in October pinned blame on Russia for election-related hacking. At the time, the White House vowed a "proportional response" to the cyberactivity, though declined to preview what that response might entail. Officials have said US actions against Russia may not be revealed publicly. Speaking Thursday at the White House, Press Secretary Josh Earnest declined to say whether the US had already begun its response to Moscow's actions.
"The President determined once the intelligence community had reached this assessment that a proportional response was appropriate," Earnest said. "At this point, I don't have anything to say about whether or not that response has been carried out."

Enter Keith Olbermann, the liberal elite left personified. They have no interest in democracy.

The Russian Embassy in the UK's response.


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