FACTS about RUSSIA the CIA doesn’t want you to know

Rogue elements within the Shadow Government and most notably the CIA, NSA, and the left coast billionaire class have launched an anti-Trump campaign in the hail mary long shot that they can disrupt the establishment in the final days when they still hold the keys to the kingdom with the intent of malice to incite a coup, civil war, or an upset in the electoral college system.  One of the main information manipulation tactics they are using we can paraphrase as "1. Confuse, 2. Plant false facts, and 3. Reinforce the illusion" needs an underlying topic that is shrouded in mystery from an American perspective, and there is no better topic than Russia.  It's because the CIA already spent billions of dollars during the cold war convincing a generation of baby boomers that Russians had 'missile bases on the dark side of the moon' and other such nonsense.  But as we explain in our best selling book Splitting Pennies - the world doesn't work the way most people are led to believe.  

We can STOP the LIES being promulgated in the mainstream news about RUSSIA which is being used to CONFUSE AND MANIPULATE public opinion, in the pathetic petty attempt to create CONSENSUS TRANCE that can have any number of outcomes, keeping TRUMP out of the White House.  STOP this pathetic campaign by understanding RUSSIA a little better!  Spread the FACTS!

Here are a few facts to stir your brain and hopefully, break the chain of neuro linguistic programming:

1. Russia uses a public central bank system, whereby the central bank is owned by the government.  In turn, Russia’s largest bank, Sberbank, is owned by the central bank by at least 51%, making Russia’s banking system state owned and operated.  Although Russia is not a government 'of the people, by the people' - they own their banking system!  As opposed to the US system, which is owned by Elite rich rober baron families and banks.

2. Russia has one of the fastest growing middle classes of any country on Earth.  

3. There are more than 3 Million Russians living in the United States of America.

4. The Bolshevik revolution, was bankrolled by New York bankers, many of whom were Jewish.

5. There were at least 10x more people killed in Russia by Stalin than Hitler in Germany, maybe 20x more.  The fact is that we’ll never really know the real numbers.

6. Russia is effectively a third world country with Nuclear weapons.

7. Russia is one of few countries that have engaged in what can nearly be called ‘ethnic cleansing’ or the deportation of non-Russians back to their country.  Russia is not a melting pot, like the Soviet Union tried to be.  It is a homogeneous land of mostly White Christians.

8. Throughout the period of the Soviet Union, many Americans did business with the regime, most notably Armand Hammer.

9. While European colonists were establishing the 13 colonies, Russia was establishing Alaska.

10. George W Bush and Vladimir Putin were practically best friends, just checkout these 25 photos about their “Bromance”.  (why doesn't the CIA call George Bush about his 'close connection' with Putin?  hmmm....)

11. In 1990 during a food crisis, Mikhail Gorbachev and George H. W. Bush signed a trade agreement about delivery of frozen chicken leg quarters to the USSR.  Due to the fact that in many markets these were the only chicken available, they dubbed them “Bush Legs.”  Many locals believed that it was some sort of CIA plot to genetically manipulate the population as the chickens were 2 – 4 times the size of chickens in Russia.  

Why doesn’t the CIA want you to know this?  Because Russia is an easy black box enemy.  Since people don’t know what Russia REALLY is, unless you have intimate knowledge of the place – it’s easy to lie to naïve TV watchers, and paint a picture of great villains and evil people who drink Vodka and wear fur hats.  Russia is a strange place, maybe the strangest in the world.  But everything being promulgated about Russia in the mainstream media is completely manufactured from Langley (or wherever they are doing it now).

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