Judge Jeanine Slams "Hopeless" Michelle: "Americans Rejected You And Everything You Stand For"

Yesterday we noted Michelle Obama's appearance on Oprah in which she hinted that Trump's election was the end of "hope" for America, saying "now we're feeling what not having hope feels like." 

The comments from Michelle have received a lot of backlash over the past two days but perhaps no one has crushed her new "hopelessness" narrative better than Judge Jeanine Pirro of Fox News.  Pirro's opening monologue last night was full of epic one-liners slamming the First Lady's comments....below are a couple of favorite quotes but the full video is definitely worth a listen. 

"This from a woman, who in 2008, at 44 years old, said for the first time in her life she was proud of her country when her husband was running for president.  And now, 8 years later, you're out of "hope," Michelle?"


"An outrage is when your husband struts up to the microphone at a national prayer breakfast and tells Christians to get off their high horses because Christians are afraid of Muslim terrorists cutting their heads off."


"Like the 13 hours those heroes were on a rooftop in Benghazi, your all powerful husband never bothered to explain to us where he was and what he was doing that night. All we know is that the only power that he was ready to unleash was Air Force One to fly to Las Vegas for a fundraiser the next morning so that you guys could live the life another four years in the White House."


"Michelle, you may not realize it, but Americans rejected you and everything you stand for.  They know what hope is.  Hope is when people, 30,000 at a time, stand in line, in the cold, with their children, hoping to get the glimpse of a man they think can change the course of their lives from the downward spiral that you and "Mr. Hope & Change" have put them on."


"I'll tell you what "Hope & Change" is, "Hope & Change" is when people show up 20,000 strong, after an election, desperate to see the man who actually brought back jobs, almost a 1,000, when your husband said it was impossible to bring them back at Carrier."


* * *

For those who missed it, here is what we wrote about Michelle's comments yesterday.

Michelle Obama appeared on Oprah yesterday and continued to ignore the unspoken, but widely acknowledged and obeyed, tradition of not bashing incoming administrations.  When asked whether Obama was successful at bringing "hope" to America, rather answer the question, the first lady decided to attack Trump by saying that "now we're feeling what not having hope feels like."

Is this Michelle's idea of "going high" when other "go low?"  Notice she didn't bother to offer any supporting evidence of how exactly Obama brought "hope" to Americans....could that be because there isn't any?

Oprah:  "Your husband's administration, everything, the election was all about hope.  Do you think that this administration acheived that?"


Michelle:  "Yes.  I do.  Because we feel the difference now.  See, now we're feeling what not having hope feels like."


Perhaps these 9 charts we posted back in September accurately depict the "hope" that Michelle spoke of (see "Harvard Crushes The "Obama Recovery" Farce With 9 Simple Charts"):



Or maybe these charts that we posted back in June better reflect Obama's "Hope & Change" mantra...unfortunately, while the data scores big on the "Change" factor, it's somewhat lacking on the "Hope" component (see "These Are The 9 Zero Hedge Charts Showing "Obama's Recovery" That Angered The Washington Post"):


Or perhaps this 16% decline in Black homeownership rates since 2004, which we discussed just yesterday, is more what Michelle had in mind (see "Obama "Housing Recovery" Crushes "Blacks, Young Adults" As Homeownership Rates Crash"):



Of course, never one to back down when attacked, Trump told a group of supporters at a rally in Mobile, Alabama that he assumed Michelle was "talking about the past, not the future."

“Michelle Obama said yesterday that there’s no hope.  But I assume she was talking about the past, not the future because I"m telling you we have tremendous hope and we have tremendous promise and we have tremendous potential.”