Three People Hurt In Shooting At Islamic Center In Zurich

Moments after the Russian ambassador to Turkey was shot dead during an exhibition by an attacker who screamed "Allahu Akbar", Swiss Blick magazine reported that three people were hurt during a shooting at an Islamic center in Zurich.


The initial report from Blick is sparse, and follows, google translated.:

As the city police confirms against BLICK, an operation runs: Three people were injured. Nothing is known about the severity of the injuries-just as much on the offense. The area around the military street / ice lane was closed off by the police. (Rey)

Swiss 20 Minuten adds the following:

Shots have fallen in a Muslim center in the Militärstrasse / Eisgasse in Zurich. Three people were injured as the city police confirmed a message of "look" about 20 minutes. One of the perpetrators is on the run.

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