FBI Warrant For Clinton Emails Released As Democrats Slam Decision: "I Am Appalled"

Since November 8th, disaffected Democrats have tried and failed repeatedly to undo the 2016 Presidential election.  First their was the failed recount effort launched by Jill Stein, an obvious front for the Clinton campaign, in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Embarrassingly, that effort actually resulted in a wider margin of victory for Trump but not before Stein wasted $7 million raised from devastated Hillary supporters.

Then there was the coordinated efforts of the White House, other prominent democrats and the mainstream media to turn the Electoral College against Trump, because Russia.  Ironically, that effort too resulted in a wider margin of victory for Trump as only 2 electors refused to vote for him while 5 electors abandoned Hillary.  Anyone else noticing a theme here?

Now, with the Electoral College vote done and no other options left, the angry, demoralized dems have turned their fury toward the FBI with allegations that the warrant issued for Anthony Weiner's computer did not "give rise to probable cause" which must therefore imply some nefarious collusion between James Comey, Trump and Putin. 

Per Bloomberg, attorney Randol Schoenberg sued for the warrant to be released and has since expressed that he is "appalled" by its contents which failed to present "probable cause."

Schoenberg said he sought the documents because he couldn’t figure out why a judge found there was probable cause that a crime was committed, given that the FBI had already concluded its investigation of Clinton’s e-mails and not charged her.


"I see nothing at all in the search-warrant application that would give rise to probable cause," attorney Randol Schoenberg, who sued on Dec. 12 for the release, said in an e-mail after reviewing the documents. A judge is required to find probable cause that a crime may have been committed before issuing a warrant.


"I am appalled," he added.

We assume Schoenberg simply missed the following two paragraphs which point out that FBI agents, without reviewing contents, happened upon "thousands of emails" sent to/from Huma Abedin using State Department email addresses around the same time they know that classified information was sent out over unclassified systems.



If that's not enough, perhaps Mr. Schoenberg could comment on whether the following Reddit thread from Hillary's IT guy "would give rise to probable cause" (see "Dear FBI, This Is Intent: Hillary's "Oh Shit" Guy Sought Reddit Advice On How To 'Strip VIP's Emails'").

Combetta started the thread on July 24, 2014 with the following question seeking technical advice on how to "strip out a VIP's (VERY VIP) email address from a bunch of archived email[s]."  "Ironically," the day before the Reddit thread appeared, the Benghazi Committee reached an agreement with the State Department on the production of email and other records related to their investigation.



But sure, Mr. Schoenberg, we'll take your word for it.  No reason at all for alarm when "thousands of emails" from State Department addresses, which could contain sensitive, classified information, just happen to show up on the computer of a man under active investigation for pedophilia. 

Here is the redacted warrant released earlier today: