MTV Removes Racist ‘Hey Fellow White Guy’s Video’; But the Internet Remembers

I can go a lot of ways with this material. I could trigger many of you to breathe fire over the racist MTV video that mocked and demonized white males, but what's the point? These people are irrelevant and ineffective. They're losing the culture wars, targeting the largest group of people (white males) in the country in a feeble attempt to make them feel like shit, and the being mocked to death for it. In this case, following the release of a video which the cucks at MTV figured would be well received, they were roundly humiliated for their lameness and outward hatred for white men -- forcing them to remove the video from their infantile channel. Remember the days when MTV only played music videos? Those were the good days. Now they want to delve into social engineering, but their pedigrees aren't very good and their cognitive thinking is weak-- which is why they lose. Tucker Carlson broached the subject this evening, talking about how wrong it was to label any race as bad, etc, etc. All of that is a secondary issue here when discussing the failed agitprop of the left. Bear in mind, this is a party that has shed over 900 legislative seats since 2010 and holds just 18 governorships and no meaningful leadership in both the house and senate. The left is failing, worldwide, because they're weak, ineffective, and intellectually lazy. We can only hope for more MTV videos of this sort, in order to expedite the pushback against establishment shills.



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