John Kerry To Discuss Mid-East "Peace": Explain Aleppo Loss, Israel Shun - Live Feed

Outgoing US secretary of state John Kerry is to remark on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict this morning following Trump's tweet-spanking and Israel’s security minister slamming Obama's decision to abstain at The UN as "pathetic" accusing Kerry of "trying to make chaos" that will last past his tenure.

Delivered less than a month before President Barack Obama steps down, RT notes that the speech is expected to be the last work from his administration on the decades-old conflict.

After Kerry replaced Hillary Clinton as secretary of state in 2003, he made Israeli-Palestinian peace a priority and pushed for direct negotiations. However, they didn’t last the nine months they were expected to, collapsing in April 2014 without any tangible result. In June of that year, Israel launched a 50-day military campaign in Gaza.

Commenting on the upcoming speech, Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan said it was “pathetic to present a [peace] plan at the last minute when [Kerry] hasn't managed in changing anything for his entire time in office.”


“It's unfortunate that the Obama Administration, that erred for years in the Middle East, is trying to make sure that the chaos will last far past its tenure,” Erdan said late on Tuesday night, as cited by the Jerusalem Post.


“Kerry's speech on parameters right before the end of his tenure will make sure that the Palestinians won't agree to any sort of negotiations [with Israel] in the coming years and will [put] off chances of advancing peace.”

As Trump tweeted earlier, "Stay strong Israel, January 20th is fast approaching!"

Live Feed: (Kerry is due to speak at 11amET)...