Trump Reveals "Very Strange" Delay In Russian Intelligence Briefing

The tweet storm continues into the night as President-elect Trump reveals that the intelligence briefing he is supposed to receive on the alleged Russian hacking has now been delayed until Friday...

A few things jump out immediately:

First, we are sure opposition members will feel the need to comment on Trump's revelation on the timing of the briefing (was it confidential?);


Second, the use of quotes around "intelligence" is a not so subtle stab at the current agencies (all 17 of them);


Third, calling the hacking "so-called" makes it clear Trump remains unconvinced, and that is reinforced by the comment that they need more time to build the case; and


Fourth, describing the delay as "very strange" seesm to strongly implies 'CIA plot'.

We await the 'shock' from The White House at Trump's tweet.