In Latest Tweetstorm, Trump Blasts Chuck Schumer as "Head Clown"

President-elect Trump has once again started off his day with a tweet storm, this time aimed at Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer for being a "head clown" for his defense of the "Obamacare lie." 

Trump says that Democrats fully understand how badly Obamacare has failed but rather than admit their failures and try to find solutions they simply resort to the "typical political thing and blame" others.  He then closes with a plea for democrats and republicans to work together to find a "healthcare plan that really works."


Of course, as we previously noted, Schumer made the rounds on the political talk shows yesterday vowing to "oppose Trump tooth and nail" on his Supreme Court nominees and even suggested that the CIA may attempt to "get back" at Trump for casting some doubt on their "Russian hacking" narrative.  Seems as though he may have struck a nerve.

January 21st is looking to be a really fun day.