Russian Consul In Athens Found Dead

According to reports in the Greek press, on Monday the head of the Russian Consular service in Athens was found dead in his apartment in downtown Athens. However, unlike the recent assassination of the Russian ambassador in Ankara, according to preliminary reports the death is not the result of a criminal act. 

The 55-year-old Andrei Melanin was found dead on Monday afternoon in his apartment on Herod Atticus Road. Local authorities and a coroner were quickly dispatched to the site. 

Russia Zvezda adds that ghe consul did not go to work and did not respond to calls. Alarmed, his colleagues came to his home and with the help of the police opened the door, which was locked from the inside. At the moment, the police is investigating the incident.

A report in Greek To Vima says that the death appears to be the result of "abnormal causes." However, it adds, the full details of his death will only be known after an autopsy is performed.


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