CNBC Shill Publishes Story Calling For Trump to Delete His Twitter Account

Jacob Pramuk seems to make a living by second guessing just about every single thing President elect Trump does. His Twitter account is littered with anti-Trump gibberish. As an employee of CNBC, the home of the hardest Hillary shiller of all time -- John Harwood -- Jacob is right at home, very comfy, writing shit about Trump.   jacob   In an article out today, he cites a rigged poll calling for Trump to delete his Twitter account. The main stream media are livid over Trump's use of Twitter, specifically because it renders them and their filtration systems of propaganda worthless.   shill

Most American voters think Donald Trump should delete his account.   A Quinnipiac University poll released Tuesday showed 64 percent of voters surveyed think Trump should not keep a personal Twitter account while in the White House. Only 32 percent of those polled said he should maintain his personal account.   Trump used the social media platform frequently during his campaign and continues to do so after his presidential election victory, attacking rivals, highlighting media coverage he views as negative and weighing in on foreign and economic policy. While Trump's team sees Twitter as a way to directly get its message to voters, critics have slammed his penchant for late-night tweets and 140-character responses to delicate issues, like U.S. relations with China and Russia.   Republican voters narrowly said Trump should keep his account by a 49 percent to 45 percent margin. Only 18 percent of Democrats said he should maintain his personal account, while 80 percent said he should not. Independents said he should scrap his account by a 65 percent to 31 percent margin.

  Considering how wrong the biased polls were this past election, predicting a landslide victory for Hillary Clinton, I put very little credence into the polls put forth by Quinnipiac. But even if that was the consensus opinion, who the fuck are we to tell Trump what to do with his Twitter account? If he's more comfortable talking to the people directly, instead of through the shills at the NY Times, so be it.   Just like the fake news theme that was pressed hard by the main stream media, going into and after the elections, their new play is to pressure Trump to give up his Twitter account. Politico quizzed the half-dead former Sec of State, Madeline Albright, who probably doesn't know how to use a teevee remote, about Trump's twitter usage and this is what she had to say.  

“I’m going to try to be polite,” Albright said, asked about the president-elect’s propensity to tweet policy pronouncements on a U.S. Institute of Peace conference panel. “Let me just say that I am very concerned about the tweets and generally about the messages that are going out.”

  Concern trolling at its best.   According to Google Trends, search terms for 'Trump delete Twitter account" is on the rise.   trump   Supply side media propaganda.   Conservative leaning website, Lifezette, takes the other side of the argument.

Trump cut out the middleman, and the middleman is livid. Thanks to technology, Trump doesn't need their ink or their audience — he has his own. That's why his tweeting has long been the mainstream media's rhapsodic parrot-gripe. Do a Google news search for "Trump should stop tweeting;" the results are endless. Pick a Trump tweet, scroll through the comments and see how many people are saying "Delete Your Account." Lots.   But President Trump will never stop tweeting. Why would he? He can change the news cycle in 30 seconds with just his iPhone. He can say whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and the whole world hears it. He has the biggest megaphone in the history of the world at his disposal. Asking Trump to stop tweeting is like asking Tom Brady to show up to the NFL playoffs wearing handcuffs or asking Michael Phelps to cinch an anchor to his waist before diving into the pool. The liberal logic being, "You keep winning. What you're doing is very effective. Please stop."

Here's another poll to consider: America's trust for the media sinks to new lows.   media   Instead of correcting their haggard ways in reporting news, the main stream media has sought out to control the dissemination of news through filtration systems, discouraging direct dialogue with the American people and impugning the integrity of independent media by calling them 'fake news.'   Hitherto, their schemes have failed. Thus, their credibility continues to spiral lower.

  As a side note, I just ran a Twitter poll asking if Trump should delete his account and the results were almost the exact opposite of what Quinnipiac produced.   flypoll


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