Two Arrested For Hacking Email Accounts Of ECB's Mario Draghi, Former Italian PM Renzi

It appears the Clinton campaign wasn't the only one targeted by malicious (Russian) hackers.

Reuters reported that on Tuesday, Italian police arrested two people for hacking into thousands of email accounts, including those of European Central Bank President Mario Draghi and former prime ministers Matteo Renzi and Mario Monti.

"There were tens of thousands of email accounts hacked, and among them were accounts belonging to bankers, businessmen and even several cardinals in the Vatican," Roberto Di Legami, director of the specialised cyber police unit that conducted the investigation, told Reuters. How the information may have been used is still under investigation, he said.

It is still not clear exactly how much information was collected and how important it may have been, he sai, although one would venture to guess that any information contained in emails leaked from the current head of the world's biggest hedge fund, aka the ECB, would be market moving.

Police have sequestered a server in Rome containing thousands of files, but 99 percent of the data was stored in the United States, Di Legami said. The information will be shipped back in coming days but it will take some time before it can be analysed.

The FT adds that according to Italian authorities, the arrested pair are residents of London but are domiciled in Rome and are “well known” in the world of high finance. Thanks to an extended network of computers previously infected with a malware, the pair collected confidential information, which was stored saved on servers in the United States. The inquiry was coordinated with the FBI’s Cyber Division.

It was not immediately clear if the Russians would also be blamed for this particular incident.