John Lewis Lied: History Reveals He Did Not Attend George Bush's 2000 Inauguration

Once a civil rights icon, now a democratic shill working energetically towards dividing America, Congressman John Lewis lied during a 'groundbreaking' Meet the Press interview on Sunday. He announced to a 'shocked' and dramatic Chuck Todd that he could not, in good conscience, attend the Trump inauguration because he felt MUH RUSSIANS did it and the election results were illegitimate. Moreover, John Lewis announced that this would be the first time ever, in his congressional career, that he'd miss a Presidential inauguration.

Earth shattering. The only problem with this forlorn tale of protest patriotism is that it's all fake -- just like the newspapers delivered to his house every morning. He didn't attend Bush's inauguration either...because MUH ILLEGITIMATE. IMG_6119

MLK didn't represent the sordid brand of partisan politics that is practiced by John Lewis. By pulling this stunt, Lewis is encouraging millions to follow in his stead. Shameful.





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