Man Sets Himself On Fire Outside Trump D.C. Hotel In Protest Of Inauguration

A protester set himself on fire outside Trump International Hotel in Washington DC on Tuesday night around 9:30pm in what appears to be a failed attempt at self-immolation, NBC4DC reported. The unidentified man called Trump a "dictator" and said the act was in protest of Trump's upcoming inauguration.

'(I'm protesting) the fact that we've elected somebody who is completely incapable of respecting the constitution of the United States.' 

Witnesses described how he yelled 'Trump' several times as 'flames ran up his back' before lying down in the street. He has suffered non-life-threatening burns and was taken to hospital shortly after the incident at around 9.30pm. 

It is unclear if the man has been arrested. According to the Daily Mail, the man's wounds were not serious. A by-passer said it was not initially clear what the man was protesting when he set fire to items of clothing in the street outside the hotel.

'He set himself on fire and as flames ran up his back he yelled Trump several times then lay down in the street. (He) then walked over to the police/security,' Michael Shoag, who arrived at the hotel after the man set himself on fire, said.

While the man appeared to have suffered burns to his back, he was able to walk. 

Anti-Trump protesters have been flocking to Washington DC this week ahead of Friday's inauguration.  They also inundated Ivanka Trump's Manhattan home on Tuesday, carrying moving boxes plastered with protest slogans to mock the businesswoman's move to Washington.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Tuesday he would also join demonstrators at a protest outside the family's Manhattan hotel on the eve of the inauguration. 'I'm rallying at Trump Int’l Hotel at 6PM on Jan. 19 because our next president needs to hear from all NYers before he takes office. Join us,' the mayor tweeted.