The Walking BrainDead

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Netflicks is proud to present an exclusive new series, "The Walking BrainDead". In the action packed pilot episode, chaos ensues when hundreds of thousands of braindead walkers descend upon Washington, DC. They have stumbled into Washington to wreak havoc and stop the Inauguration of the incoming President, the former motivational speaker Ronald Crump. The crowd has their telltale blank stares and confusing cardboard signs. They are also monotonously chanting weird incoherent slogans. It's very hard to identify the sexes, as most of the crowd is either gay or gender neutral. But do not let the walker's stupid comments and irrational thoughts fool you. They have been programmed and directed by three very savvy, wealthy, and dangerous criminal masterminds. Their leaders are hedge fund titan George Morose, Chuck And Cheese founder, John Molestah, and computer security entrepreneur, Hillary Clanton. But the sworn enemies of the Braindead, the Delusionals, will be there to protect Ronald Crump. The Delusionals are led by the flamboyant Milo Yfopulous. However, Milo will not be in DC as he just had his nails done. But the Delusionals will be led by their other fiery leader, the rotund Alex James. Violence erupts when the Braindead use their tried and true battle tools - relentlessly cursing, crying, screaming, throwing eggs, sucker punching, rioting, destroying private property, and making completely false accusations. Tune in to see this exciting pilot episode.

Catch "The Walking Braindead" streaming exclusively on Netflicks. Starring Nick Polte as Ronald Crump, Marlon Blando as George Morose, Johnny Depps as John Molestah, Meryl Creep as Hillary Clanton, Neil Patrick Farris as Milo Yfopulous, and Larry Busey as Alex James. Directed by Clint Westwood. Produced by Steve Munchkin, in association with IndyMac Productions.