Trump Asks "What The Hell's Going In Chicago?" Gets One-Word Answer

After threatening to "send in The Feds" yesterday - after seeing the "carnage" in Chicago - President Trump asked (rhetorically) during his address to Congressional Republicans today, "what the hell is going in Chicago?" He received a surprising one-word answer that seemed to sum things up rather well...


while only time will tell how/if Trump will follow through on his campaign promises to crack down on rising violence in America's inner-cities, we suspect any approach taken by the new administration will be a welcome change from the Obama administration's parting efforts to delegitimize Chicago's police force by effectively labeling it as a racist organization that the habitually resorts to the use of "deadly force" in violation of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution.

They may have a point!

With 44 homicides already recorded, Chicago is on pace for 60 murders in the opening month of January which would exceed the two-decade record high set last year.

Chicago Murders