Former Mexican President, Vincente Fox, to America: You Make Shit Cars, You Can't Compete, You Need Mexico

The former Presidente of Mexico, Vincente Fox, has been trolling President Trump on twitter for about a year now, over that fucking wall. Somehow Vincente thinks he has a choice when it comes to paying for the wall or not, considering the fact that billions of dollars are wired in from Mexican citizens living in America illegally on an annual basis and the fact that they enjoy a $60b surplus with us. Nevertheless, it makes for good media.

In an CNBC interview today, following the canceled NAFTA meeting between Mexico and the United States over the payment of the proposed wall, Fox said, plainly, that America makes mediocre cars too expensively -- which is the reason why the auto industry went broke in 2008. He posits, slave labor in Mexico is needed by the American auto industry and is the reason why they're doing so well today. Source: CNBC


U.S. automakers can't compete in the global economy by manufacturing cars in America, former Mexican President Vicente Fox claimed in a CNBC interview on Friday.   "You produce cars in the United States at such a high price and such a mediocre, mediocre quality that you cannot compete, you cannot compete manufacturing in the United States," Fox asserted in a contentious interview after the Twitter war erupted between President Donald Trump and Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto.   "That's why Ford, Chrysler, General Motors went broke," Fox said.   "By joining up the production in Mexico, the United States, and Canada, they are back to business for Chrysler and General Motors," Fox claimed in the "Squawk Box" appearance.

Without Mexico, 'you will lose 80% of the market.'   I am sure these words will serve the people of Mexico well, as a vindictive Trump aims to annihilate Mexican industry via the dismantling of NAFTA.   Here's the consummate statesman, Fox, smashing a Donald Trump piñata.   IMG_6247 I don't think Trump responds well to bullies. Related: Fox believes Mexican coke is better than American. Damn right it is. UPDATE: Trump didn't respond well to bullying.



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