Democrats Plot Protests At Trump's Speech To Congress; Will "Refuse To Shake Hands"

The sore losers of the Left, after refusing to attend Trump's inauguration, have apparently decided to double down on their childish behavior by plotting a number of protests at Trump's upcoming address to Congress.  According to The Hill, House Democrats are rallying behind a plan to make the newly-elected President's first address to Congress as uncomfortable as possible by inviting guests they say will be harmed by his policies, including ethnic minorities, LGBT people, undocumented immigrants and the disabled.

“It is our hope that their presence in the House Gallery will remind President Trump that he is not the arbiter of patriotism,” reads the letter. “This country belongs to all of us, and his rhetoric of intolerance will not stand.”


“We want to send a strong message to the [president] that he cannot push these communities aside, and he cannot change the fabric of this country,” they wrote.


"Instead of celebrating the very diversity that makes our country a beacon of inclusion and equality, he has chosen to vilify, bully and alienate women, immigrants, people of color, people with disabilities, and people of differing faiths,” the Democrats wrote in their letter.


“His rhetoric emboldens those who seek a scapegoat for the challenges this country faces.”

Amazing that Trump was able to launch a full assault on such an overwhelming percentage of the population yet still win a national election. 

The protests were organized by a group of liberal representatives who drafted a letter urging other House members to invite defiant guests to the speech scheduled for February 28th.  The authors of the letter include Reps. Jim Langevin (R.I.), who was shot accidentally as a teen and became the first quadriplegic to serve in Congress; Michelle Lujan Grisham (N.M.), head of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus; Cedric Richmond (La.), chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus; Judy Chu (Calif.), head of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus; and David Cicilline (R.I.) and Jared Polis (Colo.), the co-chairman of the LGBT Equality Caucus.



Unfortunately, the childish behavior doesn't end there as other Representatives are encouraging Democrats to avoid shaking hands with Trump as he walks down the aisle to take the podium.  

Some liberals are also eyeing another form of protest during the speech: When Trump walks down the center aisle of the House chamber on the way to the dais, they’re hoping no Democrats scramble to get in the picture for the traditional handshake.


“We have to have a higher standard,” Rep. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.) said.


“For sure I will not be nearby,” Rep. Filemon Vela (D-Texas) echoed.

Of course, the sore losers of the left argue that their protests are justified because Trump’s campaign rhetoric has been combative from the very start, and he’s brought that approach with him to the White House. 

That said, we wonder whether those same sore losers would admit that Obama telling Republicans they would have to "sit in the back of the bus" was also "combative?"  Also, who was it that said, "elections have consequences and I won?"