VIDEO: Rabid NYU Professor Melts Down, Orders Cops To Assault Conservative "Vice" Co-Founder Gavin McInnes

11 people were arrested at NYU Thursday night when Anti-fascist fascists tried to organize a second night of protests riots to shut down the free speech of yet another conservative thinker on campus - this time being writer, actor, comedian and (no longer affiliated) Vice Co-founder Gavin McInnes. The NYPD wasn't taking any chances after what happened at UC Berkeley Wednesday night, and showed up in force - though it wasn't enough to prevent mollycoddled trust fund purse-dogs from shutting McInnes' event down with intense yapping (video below).

If there's a silver lining to the death of free speech on yet another US college campus, it's exposing people like this slobbering NYU professor who had a total meltdown over McInnes' mere presence. Her profanity-laced tirade is a perfect example of  the type of fanatical, ignorant, intolerant, hyper-sensitized liberalism that US educators are steeping future generations in.

She's shrieking at the cops to assault Gavin McInness "because the students shouldn't have to." (NSFW)




McInnes, having been pepper sprayed earlier in the day, was ambushed during his speech by a group of triggered snowflakes. When a NYU student affairs rep intervened to remind the students of NYU's proud tradition of free speech, the enraged trust fund babies turned on him too! Then, when McInnes called the ringleader down to debate, the future of America just stared back cow-eyed, robotically chanting "who's campus? Our campus!"


This isn't the first time McInnes has dealt with Antifa. Here he is relaying his experience with rioting children at the Deploraball January 19th:

aidsbjornAn aside: hacker 4chan pointed out that this guy standing in the background of the shreiking NYU Professor video looks like "Bjorn" from the "He Will Not Divide Us" snowflake therapy cam in Brooklyn last week. 

What do you think? (NSFW)







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