Dollar Extends Longest Winning Streak Since 2012 As March Rate Hike Odds Surge

Following this morning's soaring inflationary and retail sales data, and following Yellen's hawkish tone yesterday, March rate-hike odds have soared from below 25% to over 40%. The Dollar Index is extending its recent winning streak on this move - now up 11 days in a row, the longest streak since May 2012.

Rate hike odds are ripping higher as The Fed gets its way of pricing in a March rate hike...


And The Dollar Index continues to rise...

This is the longest USD win streak since May 2012.

  • July 1975 - 11 days in a row
  • Sept 1975 - 11 days in a row
  • May 2012 - 14 days in a row
  • Feb 2017 - 11 days in a row

And notably, if extends to 12 days tomorrow, will be the second longest winning streak in dollar history.


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