JK Rowling - "Serial Loser" Who's Gone Into Hiding Since Cernovich, Watson, And Piers Morgan Put Her On Blast

Children's author, Billionaire, and internet tough girl J.K. Rowling is in over her head. After a fierce twitter spat with Piers Morgan - started after Aussie comedian Jim Jeffries told Morgan to F**k Off on Bill Maher's show over Trump's Executive Order on immigration, Rowling has been taken to task by political commentators Mike Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson over her virtue signaling bullshit - after Cernovich's offer to send hundreds of refugees to live in the Harry Potter author's several mansions for a year.

Rowling's response?

Others joined the fun - including a change.org petition to "Have JK Rowling stay at a refugee camp for 7 days, no bodyguards, to show they're peaceful"

Meanwhile, Piers Morgan appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to discuss the Harry Potter author, calling her a "Serial Loser."

“If you’re J.K. Rowling, you’re three for three. You are the worst celebrity political pundit on the entire planet.”


Then of course there's this guy.


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