Mika Will Not Invite Kellyanne Conway to Morning Joe Anymore, Because She Doesn’t Like Fake News

Here we go. They got Flynn and now they're out for Conway, Miller and then Bannon. The daughter of the founder of all globalist neocon shills, Mike Brzezinski, said this morning that she'd no longer have Conway on her show because she doesn't like fake news. Then her cucked partner, Joe Scarborough, chimed in, essentially calling Conway persona non grata -- painting her as an ego driven media whore who isn't in any of the White House meetings and has no idea what's going on. Really? What sources inside the White House can confirm this? Joe furthered saying that 'any reporter' can ask people inside the White House about Conway's access to the briefings and they'll confirm that she's, basically, cast aside in the dark -- left to doing teevee shows, perpetuating fake news stories. The lazy thinking demonstrated here is astounding. Clearly, this is a smear campaign by the shills at MSNBC, in an effort to deride Conway. I find it next to impossible to believe that a spokeswoman for the White House would be treated in this manner, especially 3 weeks into the administration. The only fake news taking place here, ironically, are from the shills at MSNBC.




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